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Respiratory Diseases and the Immune System

The most effective precaution for and avoidance of Respiratory Diseases is a healthy Immune System. The “Chinese” Immune System deals firstly with the Lungs, simultaneously with the Large Intestine.

The Lungs
Quality Breathing should be an easy, thoroughly satisfying, not hurried, or labored  breath, without a tight sensation in the chest, without phlegm hindering each breath, i.e. to ensue the smooth flow of Qi .

To support quality breathing, do Breath-Work, that is what “QiGong” literally means!

  • Every morning, do conscientious breathing, pay attention and take time to breath OUT. Exhalation is Detox.

  • Meditative  Breathing, (calm, natural, thorough breaths) with everything you do.

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The Large Intestines
To ward off infections, it is vital to expel pathogens, through passage of water and stool. Proper Elimination ensues Proper Cleansing, i.e. Detox!

To support thorough elimination:

  • Increase your liquid intake, eat foods that “help you go”, fibrous foods, quick-cooked vegetables, fruits, some spices.

  • Avoid phlegm-producing foods, such as soft cheeses (Gorgonzola, Mascarpone...), limit consumption of salads, milk products, sugar, and deep-fries, and preservatives.

  • Moving the body helps move the bowels! Stretch! Swing! Hop around! Go for a walk.

If you currently or habitually experience any of the following symptoms, Herbal Remedies are highly recommended

* propensity to catching colds
* shortness of breath
* sensations of tightness in chest area
* sore throat, with or without cough (Heat)
* dry hacking cough (Heat)
* thick sputum, difficult to expectorate  (Damp)
* sticky slimy stool / watery stool  (Damp)
* constipation  (Heat, Dryness)
* feelings of nervousness, agitation producing more Heat
* feelings of melancholy, boredom producing  more Damp
* restless sleep depriving you of Regeneration time

Herbal Remedies are not “One Size fits All”. Each Prescription is for the current condition of the individual, taking into account his/her constitution. Proper consultations and discussion are therefore necessary for a successful therapy.

! Self-Diagnose for Mail Orders can be a risk to your health !

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Lungs Sketch
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