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Aches and Pain

The Chinese say “Tōng jiù bu téng, téng jiù bu tōng”. This translates as
“Flowing, then no pain, pain then not flowing”. This refers to the Qi-flow

in the entire body, and along the channels (Meridians) where Qi is transported and where Acupuncture points run along.

When energy no longer flows smoothly around the human body, stagnation occurs, this accumulation of stuck energy then manifests as Pain. This explains why most pains can be lightened with exercises

(a physical movement), with therapeutic massage (a passive movement) and with Acupuncture (an energetic movement). The key is to move this stuck energy.

Stuck energy is not limited to our body, but includes our mind (stuck emotions, stuck beliefs, stuck “principles”.) Stuck energy in our environment can also become pathological to our health (clutter in our home, rooms that are not used creating a dormant flow, and our thoughts and actions emitted to our immediate surrounding). Accumulated energy needs to be mobilized and regulated by Acupuncture, Anmo-Tuina, or effectively with Herbal Remedies.

Healing is always an Interactive Process. This is particularly important for the treatment of Pain. According to the location and the cause of the pain (acute or chronic), movement routines, exercises, posture adjustment and often, change of diet are necessary and should be implemented.

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