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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are  “The 3 Treasures” in Chinese Medicine and

what do they mean?
A. The 3 Treasures (San Bao) are Jing, Qi and Shen.
Jing refers to the essence of the body, the fluids which nourish our

organ systems, nurture their functions and ensues stability.
Qi is the vital life force, the breath, the subtlest form sustenance for

the body and mind. It is what keep us upright, facilitates our movements

and coordination; and organize all mental and emotional functions and manifestations.
Shen refers to the Spirit, the Mind, the Ethereal Self in us.

Q. How do The 3 Treasure work together to keep us healthy?
A. Jing provides the Essence of Life, creates, shelters and nurture our existence. Qi animates this Life, Shen watches over, guides and transcends our existence. The synergy between them is the workings

of Life, and the preservation of Health.

Q. Are Acupuncture Needles clean, and Acupuncture painful?
A. In the old days, Gold and Silver Needles were used, they were sterilized with a flame. Nowadays, disposable, sterilized, steel needles

in sealed packages are used. There is no risk of breakage as the steel

is soft and bending. The needles are hygienic, they are disposed of after every use. Pain level differs from parts of the body receiving the Acupuncture and the technique of puncturing. An experienced practitioner will not cause much pain, but any discomfort should be

made known to the practitioner.

Q. What is Herbal Therapy and how do I take the Herbs?
A. Herbal Therapy is a customized therapy, a prescription worked out for the person, at the time of his/her state of health and ailments.
Prescriptions are always balanced mixtures of herbs. The mixture functions on multiple aspects, importantly the digestion and absorption

of the ingredients to optimizes the efficacy of the therapy. There is no need to cook the herbs. The herbs come in a concentrated form of liquid, or powder, to be taken with room-temperature or slightly warm water.

The concentrated property of the herbal mixture allows for small dosages.

Q.  How much does it cost and how do I pay?
A. Find out more about
my current Fee klick here...

I offer a FREE 15-minute session, so we can get to know each other.

This will be a good time for you to ask questions about how we might work together. There is no need to pre-pay. Payment is made after my recommendations and upon our agreement on the proceedings of

the Online Consultation Service...

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