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Our Partnership with Qi

Our Partnership with Qi is subtle, profound, constant and infinite; it is a Partnership of Interdependence, Exchange, Cooperation, Respect and Perseverance!

Qi provides us with the Breath that is Life, Vitality that animates Life, Constancy that preserves Life. In return, the quality of our Qi is provided by our Diet, its Vitality by Exercise/Qi training and its preservation by our Life Style and Habits.

Qi is in and and around us, in all and everything tangible and intangible which make up our "world".

Therefore, we have to understand that our Thoughts, Actions, Emotions all participate in this wondrous partnership. Our thoughts of love and kindness merge with the Qi that surrounds us; our thoughts of anger, hatred, greed also merge with the Qi we live in, the same merging applies to our actions and emotions. So, imagine, the more Love we emit and merge with the Qi in which we live, the more Love we live in!

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