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Cause and Effect

Emotional and Physical Health

Cause and Effect in Chinese Medicine are not seen as linear occurrences, but a repeating cycle. Like a revolving door, cause and effect move into a role-reversal, cause becomes the effect, and effect becomes the cause (of a new effect). This refers to our Emotional and Physical Health, as each of our Organ System is related to an Emotion.

  • The Liver relates to Anger, particularly Resentment, and includes Frustration, and Repression.

  • The Heart relates to Joy, or the Lack of, leading to Depression, Despair, Lack of Enthusiasm.

  • The Spleen relates to Pensiveness, Deliberation, to a certain extent, Apprehension.

  • The Kidneys relate to Fear, Lack of Willpower, Feeling of Isolation, Insecurity.

  • The Lungs relate to Grief, or Sadness, Regrets, Melancholy.

These emotions, if not processed, becoming so strong and uncontrollable, over time they will deplete and weaken the functions of their related Organ. Likewise, physical discrepancies of an Organ would likely raise the related emotions, here the Cycle begins.


Too much and prolonged pensiveness would weaken the Spleen (and Stomach) manifesting in discomforts such as burping, or abdominal distention, possibly nausea and vomiting. An injured Spleen (and Stomach) resulting from diet, or life style, would eventually make the person pensive, worrisome and withdrawn...
Too much excitement, stress, or depression weaken the Heart, manifesting in palpitations, insomnia, nightmares, mental confusion....
Grief damages the Lungs, resulting in Asthma, tightness of the chest, propensity to catching colds; even weakens the ability to make decisions...
Liver is most affected by Anger, Resentment and common manifestations are headaches, migraines, cramps in the limbs, the person becomes easily irritated...
Fear depletes the Kidneys, manifesting in back aches, weak bladder, urinary tract infections...


The cycles go round and round from body to mind, from mind to body...
These "revolving-doors" apply to each Organ System, leading to a

role-reversal with their related Emotions. If the cycle becomes a pathological one, then it is our duty to break the cycle.

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